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Nite Skill Centre

Today, the Agilo Foundation organized training and workshop for women's harassment by the guidelines of the Government of India, Ministry of Women and Child Development, where the Chief Speaker Advocate RK Rai was present on this topic, how to protect women in the work field. Gave information and informed them about the other issues, along with information about the law, that Women working. There a committee is formed over there, the women of the committee operate and the Chairman is District Magistrate and also giving information on the subject, he inspired the youth to cooperate with women in any work area and their To keep up the harassment above, play your role so that our society is safe and woman is safe and competition too. Not been done, which were awarded cash prizes to students of first, second and third place come. And the President of the Agilo Foundation, Vijay Mudgal, respected the guests who came and thanked him for giving a memento and the platform was operated by Ishika Sharma and the competition was held by the wait and Sonam. Snow